The entrance to Ōma'opio Ridge, at the corner of Ōma'opio Road and Ikena Kai Place.

The entrance to Ōma'opio Ridge,
at the corner of Ōma'opio Road and Ikena Kai Place.

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Ōma'opio Ridge, upcountry Maui's exciting residential community, is a collection of 5- to 9-acre lots at an elevation of about 1300 feet.

Development has progressed in two phases. The lots in Phase I have all been sold, but there are still a few lots left in Phase II.


Phase II consists of 10 lots, served by underground electrical utilities and Ōma'opio Ridge's own water system. Ranging from 5 to almost 7 acres, the parcels are far larger than the minimum permitted under the county's agricultural zoning regulations.  The objective in dividing the land into such large parcels was to allow enough space between homes that residents could feel as if they are really "out in the country" but not totally isolated from civilization.  The generous lot sizes mean that people will have sufficient land to support a few horses, to establish serious vegetable or flower gardens, or simply to have a deep buffer separating them from their neighbors' activities.


Even though they are all larger than 5 acres, the lots have very different characters.  Some are open fields, with expansive bi-coastal views, while others feel more secluded, bordered by a deep, picturesque ravine.  Some have views of majestic Haleakala, while the best views from others are of Ma‘alaea, the North Shore, the West Maui Mountains, or Kahului Harbor. 

The only way to appreciate fully the varied nature of Ōma'opio Ridge’s home sites is to visit them yourself!

A view of Kahului Harbor from Lot A

A view of Kahului Harbor from Lot A


The locations of the driveways and the homes have been carefully chosen to maximize the topographic features of the lots, the views, and the spacing between homes. The exact placement of buildings and driveways is not firmly fixed, though, so lot owners will have some flexibility.  Nonetheless, the location of buildings and driveways must be approved by a community association design committee, so lot owners’ views will be protected from interference by subsequent construction on other lots.  (For full information on each lot, go to the Lot Info tab.)


Environmental concerns are a top priority at Ōma'opio Ridge. The extension of the road, Ikena Kai Place, into Phase II is graced with native Hawaiian trees, and we have recently installed an array of photovoltaic panels to power the water system’s transfer pumps. Future plans envision the installation of solar power for the main well pumps too.

A spectacular winter sunset from Lot C

A spectacular winter sunset from Lot C

The goal for Ōma'opio Ridge remains the same: to create a gated community in an ideal climate, with a first-class infrastructure, spacious lots, spectacular vistas, and a set of protective covenants that encourage owners' autonomy while safeguarding their views and investments.


There is nothing like Ōma'opio Ridge anywhere else on Maui.

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