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The Ōma'opio Ridge Community

Summary of the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions

The full documents were recorded at the Hawaii State Bureau of Conveyances on December 24, 1998 and August 16, 2001.

The CC&Rs "run with the land" -- that is, all subsequent owners are bound by them. Owners cannot further subdivide their lots.

Lots must be used in conformance with Maui County zoning regulations. Although Ōma'opio Ridge is in the agricultural district, the CC&Rs prohibit certain kinds of agricultural activities. In particular, no pigs or chickens are allowed, nor activities that cause unreasonable dust, noise or odors, or that permit dust or spray to encroach on adjoining lots. Each lot is to be occupied by only one family, regardless of the number of dwellings that may be allowed. The interior area of the main dwelling must be at least 2400 square feet, and include a garage for at least two cars. A second dwelling of at least 500 square feet of interior area is allowed. (The Maui County Code currently limits the second dwelling to a maximum of 1000 square feet.) All buildings shall be used by the owners and their visitors only. No rentals or time-shares are allowed.

Every lot owner must be a member of the Ōma'opio Ridge Community Association (ORCA), which is a non-profit Hawaii corporation. ORCA sets a monthly assessment for maintenance of landscaping, the roadway, and the water system, as well as for other purposes.

Any improvement (building, fence, landscaping visible from the road, etc.) must be approved by the ORCA Design Control Committee. Buildings cannot be closer than 100 feet from the street, or closer than 50 feet to other boundaries. Some general architectural design requirements ensure that "(1) the subdivision shall be attractive and pastoral in nature, (2) the views be maintained wherever reasonably possible, (3) aesthetic standards for structures and their relationship to each other and to public spaces and the terrain be promoted, and (4) nuisances and other impairments to the attractiveness of the subdivision be prevented." Any owner who wants to build, remodel, paint, or repaint any improvements must submit plans and a list of exterior materials, with samples, to the Design Control Committee for its approval. Prohibited materials include, for example, exterior concrete block over 4", bright white painted walls, glaring or reflective roofing materials, and mirrored glass. The driveway leading from Ikena Kai Place must be concrete.

Waste disposal systems must be approved by the State Department of Health. Lot owners must agree not to obstruct or interfere with easements for drainage and the installation and maintenance of utilities.

Any issues connected with the CC&Rs can be discussed by members at regularly scheduled ORCA meetings.

Full CC&Rs (PDF)

Text summary of amendment to the CC&R Summary of an amendment to the CC&R

Full Amendment (PDF)

Summary of CC&R amendment re: neighboring dairy farm

Full amendment re: neighboring dairy farm (PDF)

Summary of CC&R amendment re: pigs and chickens

Full amendment re: pigs and chickens (PDF)

Summary of CC&R amendment re: collecting assessments

Full amendment: re collecting assessment(PDF)

Summary of ORCA Bylaws

Full ORCA Bylaws (PDF)

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