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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like at Ōma‘opio Ridge?

In a word, delightful! At an elevation of about 1300 feet above sea level, daytime high temperatures are typically in the low to middle 80s, with cool nights. Most of Ōma‘opio Ridge’s residents rarely use air conditioning. Much of the annual rain falls from November to March, when the buffel grass turns green, and the rest of the year is usually dry. So it’s cooler than Kihei or Kahului, warmer than Olinda or Upper Kula, and drier than Haiku or Huelo. Check out current conditions  here.

Is Ōma‘opio Ridge a gated community?
Yes. Access to all but the first two lots (Lot 1 and Lot 2) is controlled by a security gate. Lot owners can open the gate remotely for visitors, and they can obtain a remote control module for their cars.

Are there any covenants or restrictions?
Yes.  There are strictly enforced protective covenants and design controls intended to enhance the quality of life at Ōma‘opio Ridge, protect property values, and ensure a cohesive neighborhood. 

Is there a community association and, if so, what is the fee?
Yes. Actually, all lot owners must be members of two organizations. The Ōma‘opio Ridge Community Association (ORCA) is concerned with all components of Ōma‘opio Ridge except the water system; this includes maintaining the roadside landscaping, operating and maintaining the entry gate, etc. The Ōma‘opio Ridge Water Association deals only with matters related to water – operating and maintaining the pumps and tanks, periodic testing of water quality, etc. As required by Hawaii State regulations, these are two separate organizations. Both are professionally managed by the firm Commercial Properties of Maui Management, Inc. As of February 1, 2017, the basic monthly ORCA fee is $271, plus $200 for the general reserve fund. The basic monthly fee for the water association is $100, for costs associated with operating the water system. And there is also a $100 monthly reserve fee for the water system; this covers future repairs to water system equipment and other unanticipated expenses that might arise in connection with the water system.

Are the utilities underground?
Yes. Conduits for all utilities are underground and must remain underground when extended to buildings or equipment on all lots.

Will high-speed Internet access be available?
Yes. Broadband services will be available.

Where does the water come from?
The water comes from an on-site well drilled into an aquifer that has a capacity of 7 million gallons a day.  It is pumped through a chlorination station to two 30,000-gallon, glass-lined steel tanks located at the top of Phase I.  From there it is pumped up to two new tanks at the top of Phase II.  Each of the new tanks has a capacity of 46,500 gallons.  Then it flows via 6" ductile iron pipes to the lots and roadside fire hydrants.  Lots at higher elevations (Lots C, D and E, and perhaps other lots depending on the home's specific location) will require a booster pump for adequate water pressure.  County water is used to irrigate the upper portion of the Phase I roadside landscaping.  For further details, click here.

How much water is available and what will it cost?

In compliance with the Ōma'opio Ridge covenants and restrictions, each resident should adopt a design maximum average of 4,000 gallons per day for the lot.

Bills for water are based on the actual cost of electric power needed to pump the water to the water tanks, plus a 5% surcharge that is added to the Reserve Fund for unanticipated repairs, etc. The cost of water for a recent period was $3.15 per 1,000 gallons, (which includes the 5% surcharge for the Reserve Fund). Other routine expenses connected with water, such as quality testing (done twice a month), reading meters, and routine maintenance, are covered by the water association fee.

What is the quality of the water?
The water from the well was tested by a laboratory certified by the State Department of Health and met or exceeded all the test standards for potable water.  A state-certified water specialty company maintains the water system, monitors the chlorination levels, and conducts regular quality tests.  Periodic reports on the water system will be posted on the members’ section of the Ōma‘opio Ridge web site.

What schools serve Ōma‘opio Ridge's children, and how close are they?
Ōma‘opio Ridge is in the Kula Elementary, Kalama Intermediate, and King Kekaulike High School Districts. They are about 11-, 13-, and 10-minute drives away, respectively. The private schools include Haleakala-Waldorf (10 minutes), Montessori (17 minutes) and Seabury Hall (14 minutes).

How close are the airport, shopping, restaurants, professional services and medical facilities?
Ōma'opio Ridge, while in the country, enjoys easy access to all these services. Kahului and Wailuku shopping, restaurants, professional and medical offices, the airport, the hospital and government services are all within a 10- to 20-minute drive.  For a map of the area, click here.

What is the drive time to beaches?
The swimming and surfing beaches on the north shore (Kanaha, Baldwin and Ho'okipa) and in Kihei/Wailea (Kamaole to Wailea) are about 20 to 35 minutes away. The planned Kihei-to-Upcountry road, which will cross Ōma‘opio Road about a mile or two below Ikena Kai Place, will significantly reduce the drive time to South Maui, Pukalani, and Makawao.